Think big to achieve big.

It’s not just a play on words. It is what we did when we thought of developing an in-house division dedicated to the world of contract. We started from what we knew how to do well: creating environments in which people can feel good. From here we put all our experience and know-how into developing furnishing solutions for residential spaces that respect our philosophy.

Based on this approach, we produce kitchens and bathroom furniture for residential complexes, starting from the client’s design specifications. We have developed a targeted research and development process that allows us to define materials and construction specifications for the furniture. Production is preceded by the creation of mock-ups, which are very important for testing and highlighting the need for revisions.

After the initial development process, the production process is started. Thanks to plant automation, which has been introduced in recent years, we are able to guarantee production speed and flexibility in customer response. At the same time, people with a high level of know-how are dedicated to quality control in order to guarantee the delivery of items with the greatest attention to detail.