Novacucina kitchens and furnishings: free your idea of home.

Since being founded in 1990, the company has chosen to listen to the market, in order to offer cutting-edge kitchens and let everyone live their own lives. It offers a constantly-updated range of modern furnishing schemes with multiple aesthetic effects, suitable for the most diverse lifestyles, including customised solutions. Today it has a new goal, to cater to the living room and bathroom too.

Made in Italy

Promoting Made in Italy is a source of pride. It means spreading the passion for taste and design, the experience of a long tradition in decor and the pleasure of an artisanal approach, where every design receives maximum attention with a touch of exclusivity. This leads to collaboration with the country’s best craftspeople, to offer products with quality in every detail.

The history of Novacucina kitchens began at the start of the 1990s with a company specialising in producing classic modular kitchens. Since its early years the company has followed a constant path of development, knowing how to position itself to achieve highly significant results in Italy’s growing furniture market. Thanks to the increased turnover, already by the end of the 1990s Novacucina was able expand its facilities with two major developments of the production plant, bringing it to a covered area of 10,000 square metres.

With the advent of the new millennium, a major investment in machinery allowed the start of a new production line, and the style of the kitchens was progressively oriented towards modern furnishing, thus focusing development efforts on design and research into materials. The company thereby also asserted itself in the contemporary furniture market, responding to customer demand for taste and flexibility in the global era.

To support these important steps in the company’s development, prudent strategic choices have marked a growth path consistent with the commitment never to betray the corporate identity’s original soul. Over time, this philosophy has led to us considering flexibility a fundamental and distinctive feature of Nova Cucina’s furnishing solutions.

With this awareness, the new production line has been joined by a new department entirely dedicated to product customisation, with a proper artisan workshop which can research ad hoc solutions for exclusive furnishing designs.

The valuable network of collaboration and the solid synergy established with the country’s top small-scale artisans ultimately contribute to producing compositions which are carefully designed down to the smallest detail, and have a distinct “Made in Italy” appeal.

Founded with the aim of serving the domestic market, over the years the company has begun to expand internationally. Markets such as England, Spain, Turkey and France now represent a significant part of turnover, confirming the company’s ability to look beyond borders.

Today the heart of Nova is the modern kitchen, offering the possibility of expanding its furnishings range with living area solutions and bathroom furnishings in perfect harmony. The opportunity to choose between various types of material – from laminate to wood, lacquer to glass – and the ever-present alternative of integrating different opening systems – handles, classic or straight groove system – give the range an incomparable completeness.
Nova Cucina, free your idea of home.


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