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There are different approaches to accomplishing and doing things. We have been listening the market since 1990. Understanding what our customers wanted. Anticipating what their needs were. Mixing passion with research. This is why each of our collections is an avant-garde solution for kitchen, bathroom and living furniture. All with a strong aesthetic connotation and undeniable functionality. Because we believe in the beauty of design.

Top view of a designer kitchen worktop
View of a black and wood-coloured Novacucina kitchen


Kyton & MK1


Designer kitchen with central island

Close your eyes and imagine how you would like to live. The perfect ambience for your well-being at home can also come from different combinations: nothing is ever completely predetermined. Sometimes all it takes is to combine different solutions to find the space that suits you best. That is our role. To provide you with alternatives to perfectly interpret your personal wishes.

Experience leads us to design collections that are never in themselves. They are harmonic arrangements of a common score. The one designed for you to experience your home at its best. One in which you are at the centre and our solutions become your perfect habitat.

Black designer kitchen doors Novacucina

Our headquarters is not simply where we produce. It is where craftsmanship and passion come together to create solutions that are much more than just objects. It is where we try to find the meaning of what we do: to care for those who choose us. This has something to do with life. Because it is through our know-how that we give soul to our products.


For us, contract is not just an area to be in, but the opportunity to express our full potential in the ability to interpret large spaces. In the opportunity to give personality to environments whose added value lies in experience. Furnishing places of transient passage in order to transfer indelible emotions.

Contract Novacucina